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Going the Extra Mile

There are hundreds of quotes about going the extra mile, giving 100%, being all that you can be and so on. The sad thing is with all the quotes and all the talk about going that extra mile that last mile is relatively empty. We become so complacent in our everyday lives that it is easy to forget to push ourselves. Routine sets in and complancency takes hold. 

For me it's important to surround myself with people who constantly challenge me. Whether it is a friend to keep me accountable for exercising instead of Netflix binging or a mentor to push me to goals and actually reach them.

Going one step further, I feel that it is so important to find places, whether it is restaurants, clothing boutiques, hair salons, etc, that also push themselves to be better, to be more world minded, and to stand out in the crowd. One Salon strives to be that kind of forward thinking place. Not many salons have not only a full service spa but a fun, fashionable and affordable boutique that doubles as a cancer care boutique with high-end human hair wigs, bras, and prosthetics to help serve those who are going through one of life's toughest journeys. 

By using only high quality products for its customers and the environment and striving to make every moment that One moment and every client feel like the only One that matters.  

Push yourself, be the best you, go that extra mile and don't be afraid to stand out.  

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