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Finding Peace

The world keeps getting louder it seems. I feel like I am constantly bombarded with noise and even in the quiet it’s not really quiet. The streets are busier, the lines are longer, and our lives are crazier. Peace can be hard to find, quiet has become a foreign concept, and relaxing well forget about it.

Our hyper-stimulated modern day existence leaves us with very little time to depart from reality. Even at home, the kids are crying, the dog is barking, the TV is blaring. Our sanctuary is lost. Where is our safe haven from the storm that is modern day life? Some days I just have to shut my door, go sit in my closet and put my hands over my ears! Will the noise ever stop? Is peace even possible anymore?

In my quest for peace, I stumbled on a quote by Hermann Hesse…

With this quote it dawned on me that I am my own safe haven. I control what is going on around me and more importantly what is going on inside me. Putting inner peace before external peace seems completely backwards. You would think that it takes peaceful surroundings to be at peace. However, by retreating inside oneself and finding the stillness, the quiet, the peace. You can achieve a calm that not even the most serene setting can provide.

After finding this quote I started looking at quotes similar to it. After getting lost in the land of Google, I stumbled upon quotes on mindfulness. Recently, I’ve seen a few different posts, articles, and pictures about mindfulness but in my haze, I haven’t really paid them much attention. That was until now...

I love the idea of being my own refuge, there is an independence and strength to it that is quite amazing. Instead of relying on others and the outside world for peace, find peace within yourself. Be your strength, be your solace, be your still!

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