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Spring has Sprung

The grass is growing greener, wildflowers are blooming decorating roadsides, and new life is all around. With all this new life comes new responsibility, a responsibility to continue to on but also a responsibility to embrace change, to encourage change, and to embolden change.

No one really likes change, it takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes us to new limits. Without change, their would be no progress, nothing bright, nothing new and nothing to look forward to.

One Salon has also experienced some change this spring. We have welcomed a new moment maker, esthetician and make-up specialist, Felicia Sky! As part of her welcoming we are offering introductory facials for $65!

Don’t hate the change, embrace it!

“Begin each day with a little Courage,

a little Curiosity,

and a little Spring in your step!”

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