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A Case of the Monday's

I think Elizabeth Taylor said it best… “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together!”

Some days just suck, often those days are Mondays or days we refer to as a “Monday,” nothing goes right, the world is basically coming to an end and not all the coffee in the world could make it better. Those days you wake up late for work, spill coffee on your favorite white blouse, and of course you have a meeting with your boss! Those days that we wish were over before they start!

However, I challenge this idea is it really the day’s fault? Is Monday really so bad? Can you really afford to let the day be a bad day? What were to happen if this was the last day you were on Earth or with the people you love? Did you make it count or did the day get wasted on miss opportunities, missed connections, and misinterpreted signs?