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There is something about watching Chopped that makes me want to jump in the kitchen and start cooking. Or Project Runway that makes me want to raid my closet and put together fabulous outfits. Inspiration and creativity are contagious, there is something about seeing people come up with amazing things that make me want to be equally amazing.

Life can get monotonous; a daily routine, a weekly schedule, a productive life but a boring life. For me it is important to find a good balance between my structured routine and feeding the creative animal within me. Finding a new recipe on Pinterest and spicing up my weekly grocery shopping is one of my favorite ways to add some inspiration without breaking the bank or disrupting my expertly scheduled week.

Recently, I got into essential oils. I love my diffuser and that I can custom tailor scents to fit my mood! Clove is by far my favorite, it has such a warm and spicy feel that can be uplifting by adding orange and spearmint or relaxing with nutmeg and sandalwood. Oils give me a fun and easy way to express my feelings or change up the way I am feeling.

Shake it up, literally if you are using oils! I hope this brings some inspiration to your daily life or ideas to release any pent up creative tension! We also want to hear from you! Let us know what inspires you? What do you do when inspiration strikes? Comment below!

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