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Dress from Your Head to Your Toes!

You would not subject yourself to the humiliation of going outside without clothes on, why should you subject your toes to the same level of humiliation! Dress those toes with a coat of paint! Yellow for joy, red for sass, pink to be pretty or French tips to keep it classy!

Changing the color of your nails is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or just pick up the phone and call Debbie! Not only do we have a simply amazing massage chair for you to sink into while you’re treated to a luxurious pedicure but we also do pedicures on the go! Need a haircut? Our traveling pedicure station will help you make the most out of your One Salon moment by coming to you. Never has it been so easy to get all your pampering done in one sitting. This is one of the key concepts behind the One Salon name. To make each and every moment count because as busy people know it’s hard enough to find time for a haircut and/or color much less hair and nails. While you are under the One Salon roof you can also find a massage and shopping! Truly a one-stop-shop!

Your feet go where you go. Make sure you are dressed from your head to your toes!

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