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Are You Smooth?

Are you smooth?

We are!

That is why One Salon proudly carries usmooth products! We believe in exceeding expectations. From our customer experience to our dedication to becoming a green salon. In our search for great hair care products one stood out amongst the crowd. Not only are the products sulfate free, paraben free, and color safe there are gluten free options to fit with any one person’s personal needs. Formulated with sunflower oil, usmooth is a natural moisturizer and UV protectant to renew and rejuvenate your hair. These products are designed to fit everyone's needs and for that matter wants!

usmooth product lines

However, personal needs sometimes go past hair care. That is why the founder of usmooth Gino Barbo went one step past creating great hair care products and created the ucare Foundation. Whose sole purpose is to “exclusively provide support for hairstylists who may need help due to unforeseen medical conditions or emergency financial circumstances.” For more information on the ucare Foundation visit the usmooth website. For access to so amazing products please come by the salon.

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